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How to Compost


12" x 18" digital print on 150 pd bamboo cover
Each print is formatted with a white border for framing
Signed and dated

Original artwork:
Handmade with love using ink, watercolor, and homemade pigment
Homemade pigment from organic material such as tea, beets, and spices

Whenever friends and family tell me they want to start a garden, I tell them to start composting! I grew up composting in my house so its always been a part of my life. Its easy to do and is literally liquid gold for all plants. Plus, it feels good to use all those parts of fruits and vegetables that we cook with. A lot of people are curious about composting and I created this to help inspire them! Everyone can do it, its good for the planet, and its GREAT for the garden.

This collection aims to spread awareness on how to live more sustainably through art. As always, thank you for your continued love and support!!