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How to Grow Your Own Herbs


12" x 18" digital print on 150 pd bamboo cover
Each print is formatted with a white border for framing
Signed and dated

Original artwork:
Handmade with love using ink, watercolor, and homemade pigment
Homemade pigment from organic material such as tea, beets, and spices

When you start a garden, there are no rules. It can be overwhelming however, and grand plans can quickly diminish based on time and energy. It doesnt have to be expensive to start a garden...in fact, most of mine is started from seed to save money! Herbs are great because they are easy to grow and take care of. Once I learned how to master herbs, I graduated to heartier crops and vegetables. Herbs are also wonderful because they attract pollinators, which are beneficial to all gardens, and you can still cook with them! For this poster, I was inspired by the herbs I use the most and those that I want to grow. I feel like herbs are a good place to start when planting a garden.

This collection aims to spread awareness on how to live more sustainably through art. As always, thank you for your continued love and support!!