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How to Save the Bees


12" x 18" digital print on 150 pd bamboo cover
Each print is formatted with a white border for framing
Signed and dated

Original artwork:
Handmade with love using ink, watercolor, and homemade pigment
Homemade pigment from organic material such as tea, beets, and spices

This project is inspired by my dear friend and beekeeper whose bees I have learned about and worked with. Bees are an indicator species which means their presence, absence, or abundance reflects a specific environmental condition of an entire ecosystem. There is a lot of "buzz" about the bees, but it is all connected to a much larger understanding of how we live that impacts everything. When we all work together and become more mindful of what we buy, what we plant, and how we eat, we can help our whole planet!

This collection aims to spread awareness on how to live more sustainably through art. As always, thank you for your continued love and support!!